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From "Carnival" by Steve McCaffery  


Professor Steve McCaffery
Director of Poetics, 2004-08,
and David Gray Chair of Poetry and Letters

Professor Myung Mi Kim
Director of Poetics 2008-11

Distinguished Professor Dennis Tedlock
James H. McNulty Chair of English



Barbara Tedlock
Psychological and cognitive anthropology, Anthropology of art and aesthetics, Ethnomedicine, Shamanism; American southwest and mesoamerica


Neil Coffee
Latin imperial literature and culture; Classical rhetoric and poetics

Martha Malamud
Latin epic; imperial and late antique literature

Comparative Literature

Henry Sussman, Julian Park Professor of
Comparative Literature
Critical Theory

Kryzystof Ziarek


Dimitri Anastasopoulos

Stacy Hubbard
Modernism, Feminist Studies, American Literature, Poetry and Poetics

Joseph Conte
Poetry, Postmodernism

Tim Dean
Psychoanalysis, Queer Theory, Poetry

Ming Qian Ma
American literature, poetry and poetics

Cristanne Miller
Nineteenth- and twentieth-century American Poetry, Feminist Studies

Christina Milletti
Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, 20th Century Novel

Neil Schmitz
19th-century and Modern American Literature

Scott Stevens
Renaissance/Early Modern British Literature, American Indian Studies


Michael Basinski, Curator of the Poetry Collection

Media Studies

Sarah Bay-Cheng
Avant-garde Theatre and Film, Modernist Literature and Performance, Sexuality in modern drama, and Queer Performance

Tony Conrad
"Film"-making, Community Video, Video Documentation, Interventionist Video, Web Video

Loss Pequeño Glazier
Director of EPC, Visual and Kinetic Text, Digital Writing in networked and programmable media

Mark Shepard
Architecture and New Media, Locative Media

Trebor Scholz
Media Art, Culture, (online) Collaboration, Web-based community art


Jeff Stadelman
Music composition and contemporary music

Romance Languages

Justin Read
Latin American avant-garde, Aesthetics and Politics, Aesthetics and Political Economics

Jorge Guitart
Linguistics, Poetry and poetics, Semiotics

Jean Jacques Tomas, Melodia E. Jones Chair


Steve McCaffery
Professor, David Gray Chair of Poetry and Letters
Office: 438 Clemens
Phone number: 645-2575 x1043
E-mail address:

Contemporary Poetry, Poetics and Critical Theory

Courses taught:
• Imaging Language
• Poetics of the Paraliterary
• The Trans-Atlantic Turbine: Anglo-American Poetics Negotiations from 1970 to the Present.
• Studies in Contemporary Philosophy and Poetics: Voice
• Studies in Contemporary Philosophy and Poetics: Poetry
• Practice and Theory of the Avant-Garde

Work in progress:
• Exceptionalities: Studies in Contemporary Poetry, Poetics and Architecture

Selected publications:
• Prior to Meaning: The Protosemantic and Poetics (Northwestern)
• Imagining Langue (with Jed Rasula) (The MIT Press)
• North of Intention (Roof Books 1986)
• Seven Pages Missing: Selected Texts 1969-2000 (Coach House Press)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


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